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Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some commonly asked questions regarding our products and schemes. If you have a question that is not answered below then please call us on: 0845 230 3526 (for Broker Support) or
0845 230 0631 (for Direct Clients). Alternatively, use the contact form.
Which type of policy for…?
Activity Holidays / adventurous pursuits Adventures
Longstay & Backpacker
Annual Multi-trip Adventures
Euro Plus
Free Spirit
Insurance Industry Annual
Travel Plus
Travel Plus Business
Business/Employees Coach Plus - Drivers
Coach Holidays Coach Plus - Travel
Coach Operator Schemes Bond Plus
Coach Holidays
Coach Plus - Breakdown
Coach Plus - Drivers
Coach Plus - Travel
Tour Operator Liability
Contingency cover for Tour Operators and Event Organisers as a result of a disaster involving death, serious injury or kidnap/hijack. Disaster Management Insurance
Cruise Holidays 24/7 Cruise Insurance
Employees Business
Travel Protector
Extended stay/touring Longstay & Backpacker
Groups Groups (10+)
Adventures (21+)
Non-UK Nationals Business (EU Only)
One-way trips Travel Plus
Older travellers Free Spirit
Travel Plus
Package Travel Regulations Bond Plus (Financial Failure insurance)
Tour Operator Liability
Personal Accident cover to include weekly benefits for Individuals/Companies Personal Accident Cover
Pre-existing Medical Conditions Free Spirit
Tour Operator Financial Failure Cover Airline Failure
Tour Operator Schemes Airline Failure
Tour Operator Liability
Tour Operator Master
UK Holidays Free Spirit
Travel Plus
UK Plus
Vehicle Breakdown Coach Plus - Breakdown
Euro Plus (European Holidays)
Winter Sports Adventures
Travel Plus
Work abroad Adventures
Longstay & Backpacker
Q: I am emigrating, can you provide cover for one way journeys?

The Travel Plus policy provides cover for one way journeys up to a maximum duration of 31 days. This is subject to a 25% premium loading on our single trip rates. (Not currently available online, please contact us for a quotation).

More Questions [Click to view answer]
Q: I am emigrating, can you provide cover for one way journeys?
Q: Grand-parents have Annual Multi-trip cover and they want to take their grand-children on holiday with them. Can the children be added to this policy?
Q: When I’m on holiday I would like to hire a motor bike. Would my travel insurance policy provide adequate cover?
Q: I am going travelling around the world for 9 months, but I may wish to break my journey and return home during this time, before carrying on with my trip. Can I do this?
Q: I am travelling on a ‘round the world’ cruise, but it’s costing well over £5,000 per person. Can you provide cover for cancellation costs?

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