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Adventures Scheme Changes - 01/01/13 Adventures Scheme Changes - 01/01/13
New terms effective 1st January 2013

You will recall that in August 2012 we made changes to the rating structure of the Adventures scheme and put through selective premium increases to reflect claims experience in particular areas and activities.

We have now completed our annual review of the scheme with Underwriters and we are pleased to summarise below the main changes:

Key changes
  • Financial Failure Cover added to Part B up to a maximum of 2,500 per person

  • New Part C Section 'Independent Traveller' Cover this extends the Cancellation, Curtailment, Travel Delay and Travel Disruption elements of the policy with the addition of accommodation expenses to cover events such as Airspace Closure. Part C can only be taken with Part A and Part B.

  • Section Limits & Excesses Emergency Dental Treatment increased to 300; Activity Equipment Pair Set Limit increased to 600 and Hire Limit 300; Personal Possessions increased to 2,000 and Money 300; Cancellation/Curtailment/Abandonment increased to 5,000; Policy Excesses on Activity Equipment and Personal Possessions increased to 75.

  • Technical Wording Changes Activity Equipment definition does not include items of clothing and helmets which are now picked up under the Personal Possessions Section in Part B.

  • Children and Families the discount for children (accompanied or otherwise) will change to 25%; the family multiplier will change to 2.25. There are no other rate changes.

  • Activities List - this has been updated; please refer to the new Underwriting Guide for the latest list of activities and their category codes.

New documentation

New PDFs of the 2013 documentation are available here

For those that use our Self Issue facility, you will shortly receive your new supply of Adventures 2013 Insurance Policy wordings. You can continue to use the 2011/12 three part sets until further notice; however if your clients wish to take out Part C cover, you will need to call us on 0845 230 3526.

Please note: The 2011/12 Insurance Policy wordings cannot be used after 31/12/12.

Online facilities

Early in the new year we will be launching a new Adventures website and back office. We will confirm details at that time and how we will be working the transition from the current three part policy sets that some Brokers use to 100% online fulfilment.

We're here to help

If you require any assistance with your clients' travel insurance requirements, please contact the Broker Support Team on 0845 230 3526 or email info@pjhayman.com - we'll be delighted to help.

P J Hayman & Company Limited
Telephone: 0845 230 3526
Fax: 023 9241 9019
E-mail: info@pjhayman.com

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