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Wide range of covers for UK Nationals already abroad, Expatriates and other Nationals


Short-Term International and Expatriate Travel Medical Plans: UK Nationals who have already travelled, Expatriates and other Nationals. All travel medical plans are available to any nationality worldwide travelling for leisure or business virtually anywhere outside of their home country. Plans can be bought before you depart on your travels or after you have arrived at your destination.

Long-Term International and Expatriate Private Medical Insurance: Long-term annually renewable international private and expatriate medical insurance for individuals, families and groups of UK and any nationality living, working or travelling virtually anywhere worldwide. In many cases cover can include home country (other than US citizens in the USA). Also suitable for UK and other nationals who may have a holiday home or business overseas and want portable international private medical cover at home and away.

  • All plans, benefits and premiums are available in a choice of  USD$, GBP and Euros.
  • All plans allow the insured freedom to seek eligible medical treatment from any hospital, clinic or doctor within their entire area of cover.
  • All plans include a 24 hour international medical emergency helpline.


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SHORT TERM MEDICAL (5 days to 3 years)



If you have already travelled, or arrived from abroad and have not yet arranged travel medical cover, or if you need cover with an extendable duration – then the GlobeHopper Travel Medical Insurance plan may be for you click here for details and an instant quote


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Last updated: 9th June 2015.


With over 20 years experience in travel insurance, we have created specific products to cater for specific needs. Whether you require cover for a medical condition, hazardous activities, round the world trip, Gap year, etc., we have a policy for you.


As schemes specialists, we are able to provide some unique products; these currently include: Equinsure (for horses & ponies); Villa Rental Protection (up to £5,000 if the property you’ve booked doesn’t exist), Euro Plus (breakdown cover for people travelling to Europe).


We have a range of facilities to cover companies; ranging from Group Personal Accident and Travel to Liability cover for Tour Operators.



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Wide range of covers for UK Nationals already abroad, Expatriates and other Nationals