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Use Cancellationplan Travel Insurance

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Does your client feel a UK holiday for the family is an easier option this year than heading off overseas? Or maybe they don’t want to travel abroad, due to an exciting trip planned next year and are taking a short break in the UK instead?

Whatever the reason, take care of their UK holiday with Cancellationplan Travel insurance and ensure they travel with peace of mind. The benefits of taking out Cancellationplan Travel insurance are plentiful…


What are the benefits of taking out Cancellationplan holiday insurance?

  • Loss of deposit, cancellation and curtailment cover is included

If your client has an unexpected accident or illness, just weeks before their break, Cancellationplan will make them less vulnerable to losing their deposit, or even worse, their entire holiday costs. A Cancellationplan policy (taken out before they travel), will help them claim up to £4,000 (per party) if they need to cancel or cut their trip short due to an unforeseen event.

  • Travel disruption and unexpected events

Cancellationplan will pay up to £300 for any additional accommodation or transport charges that your clients incur if your travel is disrupted. This could be due to unforeseen events such as adverse weather conditions, delays to scheduled public transport services or vehicle issues.

  • Personal possessions and personal money

If your client’s possessions are damaged, stolen, lost or destroyed on the way to their holiday destination the insured can claim up to £1,500. If they are a victim of theft and have their money stolen, up to £250 can be claimed on their Cancellationplan policy.

  • Medical repatriation and other expenses

If your client becomes ill, has an injury or accident more than 25 miles from home, which results in a hospital stay for over 48 hours, Cancellationplan will cover their return home. Emergency accommodation and travel for a member of the party of a close relative to stay with them is also covered.

  • Includes free vehicle breakdown cover

If the worst happens and your client ends up breaking down on the M5, Cancellationplan can get them moving again, covering labour costs or providing a hire car, giving UK holidaymakers excellent value cover per holiday.

Cancelationplan’s other benefits:

  • It’s available for all ages
  • No medical screening is required
  • Premiums are based on the total holiday cost

For further details of Cancelationplan’s travel insurance, read the policy in full here.

Cancellationplan covers trips made within England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.

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