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Introducing New Features To Free Spirit – Extended COVID-19 Cover

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Introducing New Features To Free Spirit – Extended COVID-19 Cover

By on Aug 25, 2020 in P J Hayman Update |

ALL new Free Spirit policies purchased from Wednesday 26th August will now include extended COVID-19 cover if an insured person has to cancel their trip due to being taken ill with or testing positive for COVID-19.

  1. Super cover – up to £2,500
  2. Super Duper cover – up to £5,000

This in addition to the existing cover as summarised below:

Emergency Medical & Associated Expenses, found in section B1 of the policy.

  1. Emergency medical and associated expenses up to £10m.
  2. Repatriation home if considered medically necessary.
  3. Additional cover on your return home following hospitalisation abroad.
  4. UK trip Non-Medical Cover: up to £10,000 for non-medical and other expenses incurred within the UK.

State hospital benefit, found in section B2 of the policy.

For each insured person this cover will pay as specified in your policy schedule, under your selected cover option:

  1. £25 per 24 hours up to £1,000 Super cover
  2. £50 per 24 hours up to £1,500 Super Duper cover

This is payable if an insured is admitted as a hospital in-patient in a public hospital abroad during the period of the trip. It is in addition to the fees and charges paid under Emergency Medical and Associated Expenses.




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