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Winter Sports Cover For Unique Sports

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With the 2022 Winter Olympics on the horizon, winter sports could be something your clients wish to try out. From cross-country skiing, and snowboarding to Biathlon there are plenty of unique winter activities to choose from. Some of the most unusual snow sports are included with our Travel Plus and Adventures policies to cater to a wide range of risks.


Unusual winter sports Covered by Travel Plus

Travel Plus winter sports cover is automatically included on Annual Multi Trip Premier Plus. Also, it’s available as an option on Single trip Premier and Premier Plus and Annual Multi Trip Premier Policy.

biathlon winter sports


Biathlon is a popular activity to watch during the winter Olympics. It combines two sports – cross-country skiing and rifle marksmanship. Competed as an individual or relay team, the athlete must ski at a high speed (for up to 20km), retaining enough stamina and composure to hit five targets at a rifle range as quickly as possible. It’s best experienced in Austria.

Husky Dog Sledging*

Also called ‘mushing’ Husky Dog Sledging is Alaska’s official sport. Learn how to drive a husky sled from an expert and get to know a husky team of four to six dogs, who each have their own role. Depending on how keen you are, dog sled rides can last for minutes or days during an artic expedition or husky sledding tour in Sweden, Finland, or Norway.

Snow Tubing*

Snow tubing is an exhilarating activity for the whole family, taking sledging to the next level. With no special skills required, just stay seated while holding onto the handles of an inflatable round tube (like the ones you find at aqua parks) as you plunge down the slopes of a snowy mountain or hillside! Snow tubing resorts are popular in Ontario, Canada, and are also found at ski resorts across America.

*Subject to an additional premium as an optional add-on.


Unusual Winter Sports Covered by Adventures

Our Adventures policy covers many winter sports activities, including those deemed to be of a more hazardous nature.

Kite Sledding

kite sledding is a winter sport

Using a kite sled, (wind inflated kite) wind power is used to glide across snow and ice to launch yourself into the air to do large jumps and stunts. It’s a lot of fun for adrenaline seekers, especially during strong winds where the kite can develop more lift for ever-more thrilling tricks. Utah in the USA is a great location to give this sport a go.


For something even more extreme, there is the option of heli-skiing. An off-trail winter sport, slide downhill on skis or snowboard after descending from a helicopter – instead of using a ski lift. Lech Zürs ski resort in Austria is a unique location where experienced skiers can embrace heli-skiing in winter or spring. A guide will pick the best slope and landing site from one of the two peaks available.

Snow Zorbing

Zorbing is not just for water – you can be placed inside a large plastic ball (in a harness, strapped at the hips, shoulders, and feet), and rolled down a snow slope as well. Go head over heels for this activity, spinning around indefinitely and reaching speeds of up to 30 mph. It is common to reach the same G-force as a bobsleigh rider. Snow zorbing can be experienced outdoors in France and New Zealand.

Our Travel Plus and Adventures Schemes can provide the winter sports cover required to enjoy these activities and many more.

husky dog sledding is a winter sport

Winter Sports Cover

What does Travel Plus Winter Sports Cover include?

  • Cover for amateurs/non-professionals.
  • Accidental damage, loss, and theft of sports equipment and clothing while in use.
  • The hire of replacement winter sports equipment if it’s damaged, lost, stolen, or destroyed.
  • Replacement lift passes if they’re lost stolen or destroyed on the trip.
  • Accommodation and transport charges if an arrival or departure date is delayed due to avalanches.
  • The costs if all pistes at the resort are closed due to lack of snow, excessive snow, or high winds.
  • Winter Sports Cover for anyone up to the age of 75 for Premier and Premier Plus policies only.

Plus, all Travel Plus policies include Coronavirus Protection if an insured person has to cancel their trip.

What does Adventures Winter Sports Cover include?

  • Cover for amateur sports and hazardous pursuits, activities, or an occupation representing an increased risk of physical injury or stress.
  • Personal liability of up to £2 million and personal accident of up to £5,000.
  • Extended cover for cancellation/curtailment, delayed departure, and travel disruption with the addition of accommodation expenses.
  • Specialist equipment that the insured has a legal responsibility for (ski equipment), which will specifically be used for the insured activity.
  • Cover is provided when safety helmets, life jackets, safety goggles, and protective clothing are worn where appropriate.
  • Cover for training to be or to work as a ski instructor.
  • Cover for ski racing, either as part of a ski school or other than ski school.
  • Winter Sports Cover for anyone up to the age of 69.

Free Spirit Winter Sports Cover

If your clients have medical conditions and require specialist travel insurance our Free Spirit Policy provides winter sports cover. However, there is an age limit of 69 on winter sports.


To discover which winter sports are included with a Free Spirit policy read the policy wording in full.

To find all the features of Adventures Sports Cover read the policy wording in full.

To view, all the benefits of Travel Plus and Winter Sports Cover read the policy wording in full.


If an activity is not on the list please call us on: 02392 419 050.

Terms and conditions apply.


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