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Explore with Extreme Expeditions Cover

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Extreme expeditions may be the type of trip your clients relish as they look for once-in-a-lifetime holidays. Especially after two years of not being able to travel. In recent months, Covid travel restrictions have gradually been disappearing, so explorers can grasp the opportunity to experience extreme expeditions with ease.

Due to our experience in covering hard-to-place risks, we have a range of specialist products that provide cover for extreme expeditions. These policies include Adventures and Travel Plus. Here are some of the most extreme trips they can provide cover for…


The most extreme expeditions and experiences to enjoy on earth

extreme expeditions in Alaska

Extreme expeditions in Alaska

Forget Mount Everest for an extreme mountain expedition. A mountain with one of the highest vertical rises in the world is in Alaska. Within Alaska’s Denali National Park and Preserve, is the Denali Mountain. It’s the tallest peak in North America at 18,000 feet, from its base to the 20,310-foot summit.

To reach its summit, six companies can provide guided climbing expeditions, each lasting around three weeks. Although climbs take place from May to July, temperatures plummet to – 37° Celsius. Plus, climbers can face winds that whip around at over 100 miles an hour. Another challenge is avoiding the many crevasses and glaciers on the route.

Our Adventurers policy would provide cover. However, if there’s an opposing risk to life such as mountaineering we require the activity to be referred. Plus, we’ll require additional information. Please download and fill out the questionnaire here before contacting us.  Also, any climbing (mountaineering) at 4,500 meters, which involves ropes or specialist climbing equipment, will need to be referred. Adventures will cover these if your client can meet all the criteria, such as experience, health, and age. Furthermore, they’ll need to follow all safety measures and contingency plans in place.

As Denali Park is a unique place for backpacking and adventure hiking expeditions. It has an endless mountain range, with un-trodden paths, in an unrestricted wilderness. Altogether the park covers six million acres. For an extreme exhibition on foot, explorers can reach the park by bush plane, before walking along wild creeks, across glaciers, around glacial lakes, and through its vast mountain ranges. With regards to our Adventurers policy, trekking (high altitude walking) will be covered, without a referral, if it’s up to 9,000 meters.

Extreme fishing expeditions

Extreme fishing is about the hunt for the biggest fish from the deepest rivers and lakes in the world. Extreme fishing holidays can take anglers on odysseys into remote waters. These extreme expeditions take place across Europe, the Americas, and the Caribbean. The fisherman’s aim is to source the most secretive and subterranean, fish in the world. One of the most elusive is the Sheefish.

The activity itself is unique because it’s an art. After getting a bite on your rod, you have to know when to crank up the pressure, as well as when to let go. Plus, having a big fish on the line and mastering how to pull it out of the water is exciting!  Some anglers can be pulled across the water in their boat. They even risk being hauled over the side. Either way, many anglers travel the world, with dreams of catching unique monster fish.

For an extreme fishing expedition that’s in a remote or in a hazardous location, our Adventures policy can provide cover. However, if the fishing is taking place within rivers and inland waterways Travel Plus will also be sufficient. Also, cover can be provided from Travel Plus if your client opts for a sea fishing adventure (including from a boat within 20 miles of the coast).

Another extreme outdoor activity on the water is canyoning.

Extreme canyoning expeditionsextreme Canyoneering expeditions

For maximum adrenaline, a canyoning expedition could fit the bill. Canyoning or canyoneering is when you have the courage to navigate a fast, flowing mountain stream within a canyon. This activity is unique because it involves a variety of abseiling, climbing, sliding, scrambling, and jumping all while navigating a steep stream.

As the adventure capital of Europe, Snowdonia offers some of the most extreme canyoning trips in the world. A typical experience would be as follows: reaching the top of a canyon, adventurers float across pure mountain water. They would then walk through waterfalls and swim across pools. Next, they follow the stream, which leads into a forceful, natural waterslide. To finish, they abseil or zipwire 10 meters down a waterfall.

Other top places to go canyoning across the world include The Jalbire Canyon in Nepal and The Blue Mountains, within New South Wales, Australia. View our Adventures policy, which can provide cover for this expedition.

One expedition to a unique part of the world would be a trip to the Arctic…

Extraordinary expedition cruises

extraordinary and extreme expeditions

What appeals to lots of adventurers? Visiting somewhere extraordinary, which few people have experienced! Expedition cruises to the Polar Regions are a great example. In fact, an expedition to the Arctic is like visiting a completely different world.

During a polar expedition, people can immerse themselves in distinctive cultures. They can meet wildlife close up and even spot polar bears (from a safe distance!) While sailing down polar passages, passengers can stay on board state-of-the-art ships. Each ship has been built to sail through multi-year pack ice throughout a voyage. This is another experience altogether.

Activities on board can include underwater explorations within submarines. Plus, travellers can learn unique insights about the region, from a team of world-class wildlife experts, including scientists, historians, and naturalists.

If your client wishes to experience an overland expedition to the poles we require additional information. Please download our high-altitude and remote area insurance questionnaire and send it to us with your inquiry.


Cover for extreme expeditions

Have you got a client in mind who may wish to go on an extreme expedition? Get in touch and we’ll provide cover for an extreme adventure your client is longing to experience. Now that the world is open for travel, P J Hayman can ensure everyone has the freedom to do so.

To find all the features of Adventures read the policy wording in full.

To read, all the benefits of Travel Plus read the policy wording in full.


If an activity is not on the list please call us on 02392 419 050 for further advice.

Terms and conditions apply.


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