What cover is there for bleisure?

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What cover is there for bleisure?

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Bleisure is the opportunity for entrepreneurs, carefree individuals, and businesses to pursue jobs and careers anywhere in the world. Simply put, it’s a trip that combines business and leisure travel.

For instance, if a business is organising an event for a client overseas and wishes to reward their team post-event, they can extend the trip to explore the country they’re in. Or even turn it into a team bonding trip. On the other hand, there’s also been a growth in digital nomads who’ve got the freedom to work in whichever country they wish – while regularly returning to their homeland to keep their national citizenship.

Although both trips and lifestyles aren’t new, they’ve been magnified as viable options for us to bond with teammates away from home and craft a good work-life balance – if we have the freedom to work out of the office. What’s classed as ‘the office’ can look very different from one person to the next. All that’s required is a secure internet connection and the desire to work well in a desirable location.

Whether we don the hat of a digital nomad is up to us. However, the more we’ve looked at bleisure the more we’ve questioned what cover P J Hayman can provide flourishing businesses and independent individuals who embrace it.

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Policies P J Hayman provides that cover bleisure

Travel Plus and Longstay & Backpacker provide cover – provided the travellers occupation is covered under ‘work definition’.

On a Travel Plus policy, the work definition includes:

  • Office – clerical and administrative duties.
  • Bar and restaurant, waitress, waiter, chalet maid, and retail.
  • Work and fruit picking.
  • See charity and conservation work.

However, there’s no cover for:

  • Working at heights above three meters (but excluding the use of power tools and machinery).
  • Personal liability.

On a Longstay & Backpacker policy, the work definition includes:

  • Working abroad activities
  • Animal sanctuary/refuge work
  • Bar work
  • Farm work
  • Fruit or vegetable picking
  • Manual labour (work that involves the lifting or carrying of heavy items less than 25kg, works below the level of two stories high but excluding any form of work underground).
  • Non-manual work
  • Restaurant work
  • Volunteer work (see also Manual Work).
  • WWOOFing (living and working on organic farms and small-holdings)
  • Ski resort occupations (chalet/bar work not including ski instructing).


How can bleisure travellers benefit from taking out one of these policies?

100 activities are automatically covered.

Although, if more coverage is required – for a more thrilling activity than usual – an additional premium will be added ( view activity packs 2 – 4).

There are three levels of cover to choose from on each policy.

Pick the best level of cover to provide your client with the highest level of protection needed for their trip. For instance, if they’re booking a survivalist team-building trip to the jungle, they might want the highest level of cover available.

Gadget cover is provided for theft, accidental damage, loss, and breakdown – if one of the two top levels of cover is purchased, on either policy.

These cover levels will give travellers the ability to travel, with confidence both in and out of the office – whatever it may look like throughout their unique trip.

bleisure travel with a team


P J Hayman offers business travel products that cover bleisure

Contact our knowledgeable team for more information about our business travel products. They include leisure cover for staff as an option for annual or single trips.


Download P J Hayman’s policies that provide cover for bleisure

Travel Plus

Find all the features and cover levels on a Travel Plus policy. Read the policy wording in full.

Longstay & Backpacker

See all the benefits and cover levels on a Longstay & Backpacker policy. View the policy wording in full.


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