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Trackdays Cover for petrolheads

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Know any racing car enthusiasts and petrol heads? They’ll be glued to the Grand Prix right now. Whether Hamilton or Russell gain pole position – or not- this exciting sport gets people’s pulses racing every year.

As we watch the races whizz on, from Australia, Canada, and Austria then onto the UK a growing appetite to experience driving around racetracks heightens.

Do you have clients planning to circuit a racetrack? Or maybe they want to rent a circuit, to create an event full of thrills? Either way, you’ve found the right insurer. We can provide cover for unique experiences!

Our Trackdays Cover provides the best insurance solution for drivers, which allows them to zoom along selected tracks, on track day events with package holidays and breaks. Suggest some of these track day events and experiences for your clients…


Top track day events

A ‘track day event’ is where a rider or driver, completes laps of a designated track. The driver’s aim is to beat their own time on the circuit, while behind the wheel of an elite supercar.

Supercar Experience at Goodwood

An ultimate supercar driving experience can be booked at the iconic Goodwood Motor Circuit in West Sussex. Here, drivers can zoom around the five-mile track in different high-end model vehicles, such as a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or the audacious Audi R8 V10. Which car provides the best thrills? A driving experience at Goodwood is the perfect opportunity to compare stylish supercars.

Formula 1 Track Daystrackdays cover for renault track events

For those who aspire to be the next Lewis Hamilton, a Formula Renault 2000 driving experience is the answer. Drivers will be tightly strapped behind the wheel of a single-seater racing car and spend the day accelerating up to 150 miles an hour. With four different racetracks in the UK to choose from the fastest (and most thrilling) is Thruxton, Andover.

When track events are booked as package trips with accommodation in the UK, we’ll provide cover under part A, which includes personal accident cover of up to £5,000.

For track days and events outside the UK, there’s a full European track days calendar to refer to. Here are some you could suggest…

Track4Fun (T4F) Advance Trackdays

Whether an experienced track driver or a beginner, professional instructors from the T4F Team are by the side of each driver throughout. To begin, drivers will study the most challenging points of the circuit, before finding the best trajectory. Then, they’ll gradually learn where the best breaking points are. Overall, drivers will improve their performance on the track.

Track circuits include Dijon in France; Salzburgring in Austria; Spa Francorchamps in Belgium and Varano in Italy.

The Pirelli P ZERO™ Experiencetrackdays cover for Pirelli experience

This is a driving event for supercar owners and their friends. They’ll spend the day driving around one of the most exciting tracks across the world, such as the Mugello Circuit (Italy), or the Yas Marina Circuit (Abu Dhabi). All participants have the opportunity to drive their own supercar, as well as test-drive some of the best high-performing models, which Pirelli design and develop. Highlights include a 360° Pirelli brand experience and an exclusive lunch in the clubhouse.

Whichever track event or supercar, provide clients with track days cover. We can cover racing of any kind but only if referred to by insurers. There should be no racing against another person directly unless they have an ACU racing licence*.

Download our track day activity referral form.


*ACU Race Licence 

To go racing (for fun or otherwise) a Compulsory Training Course (CTC) and On Circuit Riding Assessment will need to be completed to obtain an ACU licence.  This is the licence needed to race with Road Racing clubs.

During the riding assessment section, great riding hints and tips from an instructor will be shared. The aim is for the driver to get a licence and make them faster – more than just ticking a box.

The circuit assessments include plenty of on-circuit time to practice, learn and enjoy with 4×15 minute on-circuit sessions and a fifth to practice a ‘race start’!

CTC Classroom Course – The CTC Classroom Course is designed specifically to ensure that the driver understands the safety and organisation requirements to participate in any form of ‘Road Racing’. As part of the classroom course, there will be a presentation lasting approximately an hour and a half followed by a multiple-choice test.

The Circuit Riding Assessment will enable the driver to gain their race licence and they’ll also be able to take part in ACU licence-holder testing events.  During the on-circuit assessment, they must be able to demonstrate that they’re competent riders on the circuit and that they can lap consistently in a safe and controlled manner amongst other traffic, ultimately assuring their instructor that they’re safe and able to enter a race.

To do this, they must be proficient in:

  • Basic machine craft.
  • Corner speed and exit.
  • Practice start – go through the race start procedure and grid position, sighting, warm-up, and start.


Trackdays Cover

If you have clients who wish to whizz around a race track head to our Trackdays Cover page for more information.


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