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seniors travelling with longstay and backpacker travel insurance

Longstay & Backpacker travel insurance is a specialist package which is different to standard holiday insurance.

It’s geared to people travelling for 1 month to 18 months. Particularly for those:

  • taking gap years to explore the world,
  • studying or working on an overseas placement,
  • travelling to another country for four or five months – perhaps to stay with family abroad.

The policy has been designed with great value cover including:

  • emergency medical cover,
  • worldwide assistance from one of the world’s largest assistance companies,
  • extensive activity cover that is structured for flexibility,
  • world class claims services,
  • return home cover,
  • and much more.

Longstay & Backpacker – Who is it For?

Cover levels and options

Longstay and Backpacker is structured to offer three levels of cover as follows:

  • Standard – for travellers up to age 39 including core cover.
  • Longstay – with additional levels of cover including departure delay, legal and gadget cover.
  • Longstay Plus – like Longstay but with higher cover levels.

In addition, three additional activity packs, excess waiver and a study or work placement abroad extension are available.

Senior travellers

Gap years may commonly be perceived as the pursuit of younger age groups. However, this is no longer the case, with people increasingly considering a gap year in later life. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated this as many seek respite for several years of travel frustration.

Finding travel insurance for such trips can be troublesome, with most standard travel insurance policies capping trip durations at 31 or 45 days. Many further reduce these for older age groups or decline cover for them entirely.

Longstay & Backpacker on the other hand caters for individuals up to age 75 in Europe and 69 for worldwide destinations.

Independent travel

Longstay & Backpacker is intended for independent travel. With up to £3,500 cancellation cover it gives the essentials that are needed for extended trips overseas. These could be backpacking trips, flying around the world, or taking an extended trip to stay with family – in Australia, for example.

As such, the policy is ideal for solo travellers or couples. For cruises, family vacations or more expensive trips, our Free Spirit or Travel Plus policies are likely to be a better fit. However, the Top Up My Cover policy can extend cancellation cover up to £20,000 per person. Great for travellers who wish to push the boat out further on their travels.

Key Features of Longstay & Backpacker

In line with the rest of P J Hayman products, Longstay & Backpacker includes an extensive amount of cover. It is designed to include all the things that travellers are likely to need, at a reasonable cost.

Cover Features

In addition to the cancellation cover mentioned above, there are several key features that make it ideal for extended trips. Emergency Medical cover is provided up to £5m. This is clearly very important when travelling overseas, particularly to countries like the United States and the Far East.

AIG services

Longstay & Backpacker is secured by A-rated insurer AIG. Partnering with AIG also allows the policyholder to benefit from AIG’s assistance and claim services.

Worldwide Assistance

World-class assistance is provided by Travel Guard, one of the world’s biggest assistance companies. Travel Guard operates a network of 24-hour alarm centres, clinics and dedicated air ambulances to provide the best possible medical advice, care and medical transfers.

Overseas Gadget Cover

Most people will travel with some form of gadget, whether it’s a phone, tablet or smart watch, or of course a camera and additional lenses. These are very important for the modern traveller, as they wish to keep in touch with family back home, capture memories, research and book elements of their trip on the go and of course, share their experiences on social media.

Standard mobile phone cover or contents cover will typically run out after 60 days outside of the home country. Longstay & Backpacker gadget cover is valid for the entire trip, so those all-important devices are protected.

Return Home Cover

Typically, when a traveller returns home, their travel insurance stops. However, travellers may wish to come home for Christmas or Easter to spend the holidays with family. Otherwise, a family wedding, christening, graduation or similar must-attend celebration can fall during an extended trip. Many travellers will see such occasions as unmissable; just as long as they can pick up their adventures where they left off again afterwards.

Most specialist extended trip policies will allow one return home, regardless of the length of travels. Our policy is more generous. The standard cover allows two returns home, and at the top level of cover this increases to four. Also, the length of each return trip is ample. On standard or Longstay cover the trips can be up to 21 days in duration and on Longstay Plus these can be up to 31 days. Competitor policies tend to be limited to just 1 or 2 weeks.

Stop-over Cover

When travelling long-haul it is common for there to be some sort of stopover between connecting flights. For example, when flying to New Zealand via LA or Singapore, you typically have a 12 to 48 hour stopover. Rather than having to buy a separate policy for a different (and more expensive) region, Longstay & Backpacker covers this as standard.


Many sports and occupations are covered on the policy over and above the standard ones. This is valuable particularly for young travellers, who may decide to work during a gap year to top up funds or try an activity they don’t normally have access to.

Many of the activities and occupations typically sought during a gap year are provided for on the policy. For example: diving, skiing, abseiling and most popular activities with acceptable levels of risk. Cover for these is vital for young travellers, who tend to be quite spontaneous, and look for new experiences.

For even more adventurous or active types there are further tiers of activity packs available. So, family and friends at home have peace of mind that there is appropriate activity cover in place.

Good Value

P J Hayman policies are priced competitively whilst providing a very good range of cover. With three tiers of cover, the appropriate level for the travellers’ needs can be taken out. Additionally, the correct level of activity cover can be added, along with cover for tuition fees in a study or work abroad placement.

So, why Longstay & Backpacker?

Longstay & Backpacker is the ideal policy for anyone participating in a gap year or extended trip, even up to age 75.

It offers flexibility, world class AIG services and great value, with the following cover included, as standard:

  • Trips up to 18 months
  • 24/7 World Class Emergency Assistance
  • 3 cover levels to choose from
  • Cover for Gadgets (Longstay & Longstay Plus only)
  • Return home and stopovers included
  • Activity and work abroad cover

Read more on the Longstay & Backpacker product page.

Written by David Jeffrey



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