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Affinity Membership


Bespoke affinity schemes tailored for members


Whether for a collection of like-minded individuals or hobbyists, a professional group, or a trade-based organisation, we can help unlock the potential of the membership. Our sole focus is to provide the best possible added-value products and services to members, with bespoke and tailor-made packages for their day-to-day needs, lifestyles and activities.


P J Hayman’s membership affinity scheme specialists take over the administrative headache of arranging insurance and processing claims. Our tailored packages cater to the needs of, amongst others, membership groups, sports bodies, unions, charities, franchises, non-profits, professional organisations, trade groups and other associations where there’s a close knit bond with members.


Our membership affinity schemes harness members’ buying power in a way that works for both them and for your organisation. You can offer members more for their subscription fee and incentivise new people to join.

An insurance scheme, designed exclusively around members or customers, enhances your own proposition and the confidence they have in you. Your new scheme could also create an additional income stream by introducing a structure that pays commission to you.

Whether your aim is to gain competitive advantage through enhanced member or customer loyalty and increased retention rates, or for potential revenue generation, our dedicated team will work with you to understand your requirements, and your relationships with your members, customers and supporters, to design and deliver a dynamic, forward thinking and cost effective affinity insurance solution that fits with your organisation seamlessly.


We’ll collaborate with you to maximise member retention, developing products and services relevant to your members’ demographics and activities. Furthermore, we’ll come up with brand new products from scratch to suit members’ particular needs if none currently exists.

We can also provide you and your members with a range of support services, for example third party administration including policy fulfilment, claims and other back-office Q&A support for members.


At P J Hayman, we bring to you and your members a wealth of talent, knowledge, experience and deep understanding gained over 25 years working in the membership affinity arena with some of the largest and most diverse membership bodies across the UK and Europe. Just as importantly, the people you meet when we pitch for your business will be the same people who will work with you day-to-day.

We start by listening . . . so ask us how we can help you to get the most out of your membership.


  • Competitive personal and commercial products
  • Underwriting and broking support
  • Direct sales and policy fulfilment
  • Ancillary products that cater to members’ specific requirements
  • PJ Hayman’s negotiating power in the insurance market: we can pick one insurer, or a panel, to give you the best covers and rates
  • Expert marketing consultancy, advice and guidance
  • Including e-distribution and social media campaigns
  • Claims handling
  • Scheme management
  • Medical screening


A selection of the products and services we can offer as part of your membership affinity scheme:

  • Personal Accident & Injury Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Key Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Gadget cover
  • High Net Worth & Luxury Items Insurance
  • Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Lifestyle & Shopping Discounts Benefits
  • Discounted Car Purchase & Leasing Package
  • App based Mental Health & Stress Management Programme
  • Membership Data Analytics


Alternatively, call 02392 419 875, Mon to Fri 9am – 5pm.

Last updated: 6th September 2019.


With over 25 years experience in travel insurance, we have created specific products to cater for specific needs. Whether you require cover for a medical condition, hazardous activities, round the world trip, Gap year, etc., we have a policy for you.


As schemes specialists, we are able to provide some unique products; these currently include: ‘Top-up’ Cancellation cover; Euro Plus (breakdown cover for people travelling to Europe); and PJH Worldwide for those who have already travelled and expats.


We have a range of facilities to cover companies; ranging from Group Personal Accident and Travel to Liability cover for Tour Operators. Specific products include: Business; Coach Plus Breakdown; Coach Plus Driver; and SAFI.

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A tailor-made insurance for almost any activity or occupation including amateur sports, manual work and hazardous pursuits