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Specialist Travel Insurance for Students

Welcome to P J Hayman’s guide to travel insurance for students. If you are looking for guidance on specialist travel insurance, you are in the right place!

We have put together a few useful resources here that can help and point you in the right direction to get the travel insurance you require.

There’s Travel Insurance … and there’s Travel Insurance.

Travel insurance is as simple as what it is needed for. For a ‘standard’ holiday, eg your regular summer vacation, there will usually be a straightforward list of insurance needs. On the other hand, a specialist solution may be required for something a little more advanced.

Standard requirements will include common covers like cancellation, medical cover, baggage, personal possessions and so on. Specialist insurance can cover all of that, but also some more uncommon things such as hazardous activities and extended trips – think gap years or studying abroad.

Activity-based Trips

When heading abroad to take part in activities, there are several additional things that you may have to bear in mind. For example, do you have any specialist equipment that will need to be checked in then transported and stored when you arrive? Also, do you need a licence to participate in the activity in your destination country?

Then there is travel insurance. It is vitally important that your insurer covers your desired activity while you are away.

A specialist policy will cover you for your chosen activity from a broad range that are normally outwith the remit of a standard insurance policy. It can also cover loss and damage to your equipment, personal accidents and medical attention required as a result of your chosen activity.

We offer a specialist travel insurance that is tailor-made for a broad range of activities with the flexibility to find the best fit for your requirements. What is more, group bookings are welcome, with a discount of up to 20% depending on group size.

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Find out more on the Adventures Insurance website.

Studying Abroad & Gap Years

During your studies you may wish take the opportunity to immerse yourself in different cultures by studying abroad or taking a gap year to travel the world.

You don’t need us to tell you that while it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, there will be a lot of things to consider – especially if you are going to be abroad for more than six months.

Many standard insurance policies will not be able to cover travel for more than a certain period – usually up to three months. Specialist policies will not only cover you for an extended period up to 18 months, but come with a range of other benefits too.

For example, our specialist insurance allows you to return home two times during your travels. Maybe a relative is getting married, or the thought of missing out on Christmas at home is too much to bear. With a policy from us, you can come back to enjoy the fun, then jet off again up to 21 days later!

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Find out more on the Longstay & Backpacker Insurance website.

Travel Insurance Explained is a website that clears up a lot of the ins and outs of travel insurance using everyday language. Packed with videos, guides and animations it is a great resource to help travellers choose the best policy for their requirements.

Happy Travels!

We hope you have found this page useful in researching and planning insurance for your trip.

If there is anything else we can help with, please call us on 02392 419 094 or send us a message using the form on our contact page.

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