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Sharm el-Sheikh

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All UK flights to and from Sharm el-Sheikh were suspended on 4th November following the UK Government’s concerns relating to security at the airport. The threat level at the resort itself has not been raised.

By way of general information, travel Insurance cover does vary from Insurer to Insurer and will also depend on the specific cover taken.

For those travellers who have been delayed at the resort or delayed when trying to return as planned to the UK, they must contact their Tour Operator/carrier. Additional costs for extra accommodation and meals are the responsibility of the Tour Operator/carrier and will not be covered under travel insurance.

For anyone who has booked a trip and wishes to cancel because they feel the area is unsafe, they should contact their Tour Operator/carrier to discuss their options. Cancellation under these circumstances would be considered as ‘disinclination to travel’ and therefore would not be covered under a PJH travel insurance policy.

Customers who have an existing PJH policy and who wish to change their destination which results in a change to the geographical/territorial area, should contact either PJH or their Broker to ensure that their cover is amended to reflect the new area. Please note that if this change results in a higher premium, this must be paid. Likewise, if this change results in a reduction of premium, we will arrange the appropriate refund but only once the insured confirms in writing that no claim will be made against the trip to Sharm el-Sheikh.

If a customer has a specific query regarding the cover provided under their PJH policy, please contact:

Broker Development: 02392 419 050

Direct Customers: 02392 419 070

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Full travel advice for Egypt can be found at

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