Free Spirit

For travellers of any age with medical conditions.

Travel Plus

Travel Insurance that gives you more.


For hazardous activities while overseas.

Longstay & Backpacker

For all types of extended trips.

Top Up My Cancellation Cover

Up to £50,000 additional cancellation cover.

High Value Cancellation Cover

Cover for ultra high net worth travel.

Coach Plus

Especially for Coach Trips in the Uk & Europe.

Euro Plus

European motor breakdown cover.

Mission, Vision & Values

Giving travellers the freedom to travel, with confidence.

Our History

Over thirty years providing specialist travel insurance solutions.


Happy customers are are the heart of everything we do.


Our work has been recognised in some prestigious awards.

Our Team

The people who make P J Hayman what it is.


All P J Hayman Key Contacts and how to get in touch.


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p j hayman call centre team

Call centres operate to provide a service, such as receiving incoming calls or offering support and advice. Each call centre will differ depending on its industry, purpose, and responsibility. While each member of the call centre team is responsible for communicating effectively with people to provide a high level of customer service.

Although call centres are evolving to use new technology and social media to become successful. At P J Hayman, we continue to ensure that each interaction counts between us and our customers. Our aim is not just to deliver a great customer experience but to make meaningful connections.

We do so by focusing on being a caring and compassionate team. This helps us to stand out as a travel insurance provider.

What makes our call centre team stand out?

We don’t clock watch

There’s no set time limit for our team to answer each call and relay information before putting the phone down. Some agents in call centres are required to hit targets and ring bells each time a target is met. Our team doesn’t have targets or bells. They are helpful.

By having more time to understand a range of sensitive medical conditions and disabilities they can understand the customer’s needs and requirements. Before pinpointing which travel insurance, policy will be most suitable.

We work in a relaxed environment

As our call centre team are less pushed to hit targets, they’re more relaxed, which allows them to provide a caring and empathetic service. In reflection, our customers are automatically put at ease.

They’re instantly reassured that they’re buying a policy from a trusted team of humans who can give them the freedom to travel with confidence. As a result, we have maintained customer loyalty with individuals and charities for some time.

A quote from Stephen

“I’m paying for peace of mind because I know it’s an easy process… I also had to claim in 2015 because my Father died, and we needed to cancel the trip. However, it was an easy and helpful process.

That’s why I’d recommend Free Spirit to a good friend because getting a quote and applying for a claim is easy to do. All the people are very helpful and friendly, and the questions are asked professionally… I appreciate the medical questionnaire and know what to expect now – familiarity.

I know Free Spirit and P J Hayman is an excellent service and have not looked anywhere else”.

Furthermore, our team is situated within the unique and beautiful grounds of Stansted House. This again helps them relax after arriving each morning to deliver a high standard of customer service throughout their day.

Our call centre team are knowledgeable and accomplished

Our call centre team is each provided, with ongoing training from senior staff members (some have been with the company for over 10 years). They’re both passionate about their job and providing people with suitable travel insurance to enjoy a well-deserved holiday.

Together, they’re a team of experienced individuals, who continue to grow their knowledge of many medical conditions and disabilities. These include common illnesses such as Asthma plus, rare or serious medical conditions like Haemophilia.

We’re a diverse close-knit team

Our team spans different age groups. However, this allows us to learn from one another to gain fresh perspectives daily. As a team, we aim to understand our customer’s wants/needs by putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes.

The P J Hayman team are  responsible travel insurance specialists

Unlike other businesses who may say that they’re available to assist with each aspect of insurance. We are who we say we are. We’re a team of travel insurance specialists who go the extra mile to source suitable travel insurance for any individual. Whatever their age, medical condition and/or disability.

A quote from our Customer Services Manager

“At our Customer Service Centre, we prioritise meaningful connections over clock-watching. No set time limits per call mean our agents and callers can engage in unhurried conversations, especially crucial when navigating through extensive and sensitive medical conditions.

The absence of stringent targets leads to a relaxed atmosphere, allowing our call handlers to provide a caring and empathetic service, instilling confidence in travellers. Our close-knit team, along with our relaxed atmosphere, further enhances the customer experience with a highly trained and experienced staff. This includes management taking a pragmatic approach to rare conditions, meaning we stand as true specialists.

Our diverse team spans different age groups, ensuring a wealth of experience, putting us in the customer’s shoes with understanding and empathy.”

Suggest a Travel Insurance Policy from P J Hayman

Do you have a client who’d benefit from contacting our close-knit call centre team?

If they have recently been diagnosed with a medical condition and/or disability and are unsure where to obtain specialist travel insurance suggest Free Spirit. Our team will listen, provide advice, and deliver an empathetic service.

Plus, if you recommend any of our products *receive a commission too.

* Please contact our Broker Support Team for up-to-date information regarding rates.



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