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Euro Plus

European Motor Breakdown Cover

Key Features

24 Hour Motor Breakdown Service

Cover for breakdown assistance, emergency roadside repairs, recovery and, if required, a replacement vehicle.

For Vehicles up to 15 Years Old

Cover for cars, motorcycles over 150cc, motorised caravans, light vans and minibuses.

Caravans & Trailers Are Also Covered

Any towed caravan or trailer of a proprietary make up to 7 meters long can also be covered.

Single and Annual policies

Choose between a single trip or any number of trips over an annual period.

Travel With Protection Anywhere in Europe

Travel anywhere in Europe can be fully covered, and the premium is dependent on which areas a trip or trips cover.

Euro Plus – European Motor Breakdown Cover to drive across Europe with confidence, knowing that wherever you are… assistance is only a phone call away.

The cover provided includes 24-hour motor breakdown, as well as Roadside Assistance, Recovery, and Repatriation for you, your car, and all your passengers. You can choose from Single Trip or Annual Multi-trip to ensure you have a policy that’s right for you.

So, if you’re planning a self-driving holiday or motoring trip to Europe, be sure to pack Euro Plus.

Explore Europe by road to discover its true character!

Take your own vehicle for an adventure to experience a country – or countries – at your own pace. Your vehicle can be up to 15 years old, with cover for towed trailers and caravans provided. Your chosen journey (of up to 90 days) can take you wherever you wish! With 36 European countries to explore, you can roam the continent with confidence.

Call us for more details on 02392 419 093 or get a quote today.

What’s Covered

Please note that the following tables reflect a summary of cover available on the policy. You can find full cover detail, including terms and conditions, on your policy wording.

Please use the tabs to explore different sections of cover.

A - Pre-departure Cover
 rental of a hire vehicle (per day)
£1,000 (£70 per day)
 re-booked sea/motorail crossing tickets
B - Loss of Use of Your Vehicle
 Alternate transport abroad
 - alternate transport or a hire vehicle (per day)
£1,000 (£70 per day)
 - transport to collect repaired vehicle
 Emergency overnight accomodation abroad
 - bed & breakfast
   per person per day
£450 (£45 per day)
   per party per day
£450 (£125 per day)
C - Roadside Assistance
 Repair or recovery of the vehicle to a garage
D - Theft / Break In Benefit
 Emergency repairs and replacement parts
 Alternative transport
£1,000 (£70 per day)
E - Recovery & Repatriation Service
 Transporting the vehicle & passengers
 Alternative transportor hire vehicle
F - Shipping of Spare Parts
G - Driver Illness / Injury
 Providing an alternative driver
H - Keys
 Callout cost and mileage charges
Message Service
 Pass on messages to your home or place of work
2 messages

Eligibility & Restrictions


Euro Plus is available to residents of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey.

The insured vehicle must be aged 15 years or under since first registration.

Cover in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey is restricted to direct journeys from home to the international departure point.

Age Limits

The only age limits that apply to Euro Plus concern the vehicle - which must be under 15 years old since first registration.

Trip Limits

The maximum duration of any trip is 90 days.

Regions Covered

Euro Plus provides cover within the following Territorial Limits (Europe):

Area 1 - Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdom (when travelling to and from the International departure point), and the Republic of Ireland.

Area 2 - (including Area 1) Andorra, Austria, Canaries, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Iceland, ltaly, Liechtenstein, Madeira, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Vatican City.

Area 3 - (including Area 1 & 2) Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia.

The policy does not cover trips within Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, and (for residents only) Jersey and Guernsey, other than during the direct journeys between home and the international departure point.

Frequently Asked Questions

There follow some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Euro Plus Travel Insurance and the cover offered. If you have a question that is not answered below, please reach out using the options on the contact us form at the bottom of the page.

Please use the options at the top to explore each section. Each question can be expanded in turn by clicking on it.

Buying Online
What vehicles will you cover?

The insured vehicle must be:

  • Owned by you and not rented or hired under a vehicle rental agreement and not used for motor racing, rallies, public hire, private hire, or courier services.
  • A car, motorcycle over 150cc, motorised caravan, minibus, light van, estate car or 4×4 sport utility vehicle registered in the territorial limits (UK).
  • For a Single Trip policy, aged 15 years or under since first registration. For an Annual Multi-trip policy, aged 15 years or under since first registration.
  • Not more than 3,500kg in weight (including any load), 8 metres in length (3 metres high and 2.3 metres wide).
  • Not carrying more than the legal carrying capacity of the vehicle.
  • Kept in a safe and roadworthy condition and serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
Can I be covered for trips in my home country?

This policy does not cover trips within Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, and (for residents only) Jersey and Guernsey, other than during the direct journeys between your home and your international departure point.

Do you cover one-way trips?

Cover for one-way trips is not available.

Can I extend my policy if I decide to stay longer?

On a single trip policy, we may be able to extend an individual trip policy providing you let us know before your policy expires. At the time of requesting the extension you will need to confirm you have not required assistance or claimed and are not intending to require assistance or make a claim. Please note, this is subject to your existing trip duration including the extended period not exceeding 90 days which is the maximum trip durations of the Single Trip policy. You will be advised of the additional premium at the time of the request.

It is not possible to extend trip durations on an annual multi-trip policy.

In the event of a breakdown whilst abroad, do I have to pay my bills myself?

On most occasions, we will be able to guarantee costs directly with the repairer or garage. However, where we are unable to do, payment may be asked for directly. Please obtain a detailed invoice of all work carried out to support the claim. In the event of a motor breakdown, accident or theft, the 24 hour motoring breakdown service must be contacted as soon as possible. Any claim may not be paid if this is not done.

Who are the Insurers?

Euro Plus is underwritten by Ageas Insurance Limited.

Ageas Insurance Limited, Registered Office Address, Ageas House, Hampshire Corporate Park, Templars Way, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO53 3YA, Registered in England and Wales no 354568. Ageas Insurance Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, Financial Services Register no 202039.

How can I pay for my policy?

You can pay by debit or credit card. We accept Mastercard and Visa.

How will I receive my travel insurance policy documents?

Once you have purchased your policy, you will receive an email from Top Up My Cover Cancellation with instructions on how to access your policy documents via a secure online customer portal.

Please note – if you have not received your email after a few hours, please check your spam email folder.

Can I get my money back if I want to cancel my policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with the cover provided you may return your policy to us within 14 days on receipt of your policy documents, provided that you have not already travelled and are not making a claim.

Important Information

Please note that the information below applies to policies purchased from August 2022. For any policies purchased prior to this, you can find all of the relevant information and documents on the Euro Plus archive page.

Emergency Assistance

The Euro Plus policy has a 24-hour motor breakdown service provided by Call Assist. In the event of a motor breakdown, accident or theft during your journey (or within 7 days before you leave), the motor breakdown service must be called as soon as possible on:

Outside your home country: +44 (0) 1206 714 335.

Within your home country: 01206 714 335.

If you are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired, please send a text message containing your full name, policy number, vehicle registration, and policy postcode to 07537 404890.

Claims Notification

Please have the following information ready to provide to our rescue co-ordinator:

A return telephone number

A policy number and vehicle registration

The precise location of the vehicle (or as accurate as possible in the circumstances).

Once they have taken the details and made all the arrangements they will be in contact to advise which recovery operator will be attending and how long they are expected to take. Where possible, please ensure a mobile phone is available to accept calls at all times.

Someone must be with the vehicle when the recovery operator arrives. If it is unsafe to do so, please inform our rescue co-ordinator who will make the necessary arrangements.

In the event of a breakdown on a motorway where there is no means of contacting us or are unaware of the location, use the nearest SOS box and advise the Emergency Services of our telephone number, they will then contact us to arrange assistance. Likewise, if the Police or Highways Agency are present at the scene, please provide them with our telephone number.


The documents below are valid to policies purchased from August 2022. For any policies purchased prior to this, you can find all of the relevant information and documents on the Euro Plus archive page.