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Up to £50,000 additional cancellation cover.

High Value Cancellation Cover

Cover for ultra high net worth travel.

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Especially for Coach Trips in the Uk & Europe.

Euro Plus

European motor breakdown cover.

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High Value Cancellation Cover

Protect High Value Holiday Bookings

Key Features

For Ultra High net Worth Individuals

Designed to offer cancellation cover for holidays and trips valued up to £500,000

Specialised Range of Cover

Policy holders are covered for cancellations,abandonments, postponements, interruptions and holiday curtailment

Policy extensions

Terrorism & Extended stay and travel delay extension available

Available to Senior Travellers

Cover is available to persons aged up to 70 and in good health

High Value Travel Cancellation Insurance is a unique, stand-alone policy. It protects high value holiday bookings, suitable for UK domiciled individuals, families, and groups under 70 who are in good health.

With High Value Travel Cancellation Insurance, you can ‘top-up’ the level of your travel insurance already in place for trips up to the value of £500,000. Although, even higher limits will be considered.

It includes cover for Cancellation, Abandonment, Postponement, Interruption or Curtailment. Plus, extended stay and travel delay extension is available.

Also, if you need cover for an extended trip or are travelling to a country facing terrorism (including cross-border threat), High Value Travel Cancellation Insurance can give you the confidence to travel there too.

Call us for more details on 02392 419 050 or apply today.

Eligibility & Restrictions


  • Travellers must have underlying travel insurance in place with a minimum of £7,500 cancellation cover per person**.
  • Available to those who are UK, Isle of Man and Channel Island domiciled.
  • UK is defined as – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • Channel Islands is defined as – Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Alderney and Herm.
  • Can be endorsed for most countries.

Age Limits

Available to travellers aged up to 70 years and in good health at the start date of the policy.

Trip Limits

As long as the underlying policy provides cover, high Value Cancellation does too.

Trip Limits

  • Pre-existing physical, psychological or medical conditions.
  • Pregnancy or any related problems.
  • Financial causes, fraud, misrepresentation or concealment by the Proposer.
  • Contractual dispute including wilful breach of a contract by the insured.
  • Any act of terrorism (unless additional cover is provided and the additional premium paid).

Trip Limits

Quotes available by application. Click to download the application form or contact us using the form at the bottom of the page

Important Information

Please note that the information below applies to policies purchased from July 2023. For details of prior policies, please call us on 02392 429 050.

Claims Notification

In the event of any circumstances or incidents which could give rise to a claim under this Insurance, the Insured will: -

i) give notice immediately on becoming aware of any circumstance or incident.

ii) confirm the facts in writing as soon as possible, with as much information as is available.

iii) make no admission of liability or promise of payment without the prior written consent of Underwriters or their appointed representatives.

iv) take all steps to minimise or avoid any loss hereunder and act upon the instructions of Underwriters or their representatives.

v) provide Underwriters or their appointed representatives with: -

a. all necessary assistance in a timely manner.

b. all information requested.

c. all documentation and records necessary to evaluate and establish indemnity hereunder.

d. copies or extracts of any documents that may be required by Underwriters or their appointed representatives. without expense to Underwriters.

vi) not include the premium or any costs incurred in the preparation of any claim made under this Insurance.

vii) forward immediately to Underwriters or their representatives any letter, writ, or other documentation received in connection with any claim made under this Insurance.

viii) disclose any other insurance effected by or on behalf of the Insured covering all or any part of the same Insured Trip.

ix) in the event of loss or damage by theft or dishonesty give immediate notice to the police and keep record of same with the appropriate police reference attached.


The documents below are valid to policies purchased from July 2023. For any questions relating to prior policies, please call us on 02392 419 050.