Free Spirit

For travellers of any age with medical conditions.

Travel Plus

Travel Insurance that gives you more.


For hazardous activities while overseas.

Longstay & Backpacker

For all types of extended trips.

Top Up My Cancellation Cover

Up to £50,000 additional cancellation cover.

High Value Cancellation Cover

Cover for ultra high net worth travel.

Coach Plus

Especially for Coach Trips in the Uk & Europe.

Euro Plus

European motor breakdown cover.

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Giving travellers the freedom to travel, with confidence.

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Over thirty years providing specialist travel insurance solutions.


Happy customers are are the heart of everything we do.


Our work has been recognised in some prestigious awards.

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defaqto super duper cover logo

Free Spirit Super Duper has again achieved a 5-star rating from defaqto, making it the 7th year in a row we have had the rating.

Who is defaqto?

You may be familiar with defaqto and defaqto Star Ratings after seeing them in The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, and Moneywise.

However, here’s defaqto’s full description:

“defaqto is a leading financial information Ratings and fintech business, where 60 leading experts rate a range of financial products.”

Plus, there are 130 product areas covering general insurance and banking products. defaqto rates each product every year on a scale of 1–5,  based upon the strength of each product’s features and benefits as well as their importance to consumers. defaqto rates each product every year on a scale of 1–5, based upon the strength of each product’s features and benefits as well as their importance to consumers.

These ratings are known as Star Ratings – which we regularly see on price comparison websites. What’s good to know is each rating is kept up to date with changes within the industry. The experts within each area keep an eye on each industry, by attending its industry seminars and exhibitions.

What does this mean?

defaqto assesses its Star Ratings to provide consumers with a stable and clear assessment of different products and policies in the market.

It clarifies the confusing variety of financial products, filtering all the information into defaqto’s unique and objective rating system.

What should be noted is that defaqto Star Ratings are based on facts, not opinions. This summarises all products in a category based on certainty. Each can be viewed immediately to give an initial sense of the product’s quality.

How can your clients use defaqto ratings?

Some of your clients may find it daunting to decide which product and cover level to purchase. However, this is where you can assist them.

If you ask a client to refer to a product’s defaqto Star Rating (or cover rating), it’ll reassure them to assess a higher quality product quickly and easily. Then they can decide which product/s to investigate further. Like Free Spirit Travel Insurance for instance.

Some travel insurance products have more than one level of cover, which gives consumers a choice. Also, it allows a provider (like P J Hayman) to carry a product with a 5 Star rating and another with a 3 Star Rating. At a glance, anyone can tell that a 1 Star product covers the basics. A 5 Star product, on the other hand, is one of the most comprehensive on the market.

Overall, defaqto star ratings help everyone understand where a product sits in the market. Not just in someone’s mind.

Recommend Free Spirit Travel Insurance

When you recommend a Free Spirit ‘Super Duper’ policy, with its 5 Star defaqto Rating – be confident that the product will provide one of the highest quality offerings on the market for your client.

Download Free Spirit’s policy document in full.