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Up to £50,000 additional cancellation cover.

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Cover for ultra high net worth travel.

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Especially for Coach Trips in the Uk & Europe.

Euro Plus

European motor breakdown cover.


Designed for UK-based holidays.

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Designed Specially for UK Trips

Key Features

Deposit, Cancellation and Curtailment Cover

If a trip needs to be cancelled, deposits and any other payments already made are protected.

Specially Designed for UK Trips

Covers all trips within the UK so an expensive international policy is not required – without compromising on cover.

No Medical Screening Required

There is no need for lengthy medical screening process – just the agreement of a simple medical warranty.

Available to Travellers of All Ages

No age limits, meaning that every member of the family can be covered on the same policy.

Premiums Based on the Total Holiday Cost

With no need for overseas medical costs the premium is always affordable, and based solely on the cost of the trip.

When you book your UK holiday or ‘Staycation’, you’re making time for a well-deserved break, and you have the right to look forward to it without worry. Unfortunately, you often have to pay substantial amounts up front that may be non-refundable.

No-one wants to be reminded that they may fall ill, have an accident, or be otherwise prevented from travelling before the booked date. However, it could happen to you and if it does you might lose everything that you’ve already paid.

Explore the UK, with confidence

Staycationplan has been designed so that you get your holiday payments back if you cannot travel. As well as cancellation and COVID-19 protection, there are several key benefits to take care of you on your holiday in the UK – without the ones that don’t apply to domestic travel.

Previously known as Cancellationplan, P J Hayman evolved this specialist product during the pandemic to ensure it provides more value. Today, people of all ages can explore the UK at ease with Personal Accident, Personal Liability, Personal Possessions & Personal Money, and ‘Unexpected Events’ Cover.

Call us for more details on 02392 419 843 or get a quote today.

What’s Covered

Please note that the following tables reflect a summary of cover available on the policy. You can find full cover detail, including terms and conditions, on your policy wording.

Please use the tabs to explore different sections of cover.

Limit per person
(unless indicated otherwise)
Excess per person
(unless indicated otherwise)
1 - Loss of deposit, cancellation, curtailment
cost of the holiday
(max £1,000) per party
(£15 loss of deposit) per party
2 - Medical repatriation & other expenses
 Medical repatriation / transportation of deceased
 Emergency accomodation
 Visit by close relative
 Hospital inconvenience benefit
£25 per 24 hours / £500 in total
 Repatriation of vehicle / personal possessions
 Additional assistance
Limit per person
(unless indicated otherwise)
Excess per person
(unless indicated otherwise)
3 - Accidental death & disability benefit
 Loss of eye(s), limb(s)
 Permanent physical disability
4 - Personal liability
Nil (£100 damage to accomodation per party)
5 - Personal possessions & personal money
Limit per person
(unless indicated otherwise)
Excess per person
(unless indicated otherwise)
6 - Travel disruption
7 - Unexpected events
 Travel delay - over 6 hours
£30 first 6 hours
£15 each additional 6 hours
£90 in total
 Polluted beaches
£30 per 24 hours
£150 in total
 Natural disaster cover
 Nuisance cover

Eligibility & Restrictions


The policy is available to residents of the United Kingdom - specifically England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Isle of Man.

Age Limits

No age limits apply to Staycationplan.

Trip Limits

Staycationplan covers individual trips up to a maximum of 45 days long.

Frequently Asked Questions

There follow some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Longstay & Backpacker Travel Insurance and the cover offered. If you have a question that is not answered below, please reach out using the options on the contact us form at the bottom of the page.

Each question can be expanded in turn by clicking on it.

Where can I travel under Staycationplan?

You will be covered when you travel anywhere within the United Kingdom

Why do I need Staycationplan insurance?

When your booking is confirmed, you are legally bound to pay the accommodation provider if you have to cancel your holiday as well as losing your deposit. Staycationplan insurance is recommended just in case you fell ill, had an accident or were prevented from taking your holiday.

Who are the Insurers?

The underwriter for this policy is American International Group UK Limited (AIG).

Is the excess applicable per person?

The policy excess is £40 per party for cancellation and curtailment and £40 per person for medical repatriation & other expenses, personal possessions and personal money. There is a £100 excess under Personal Liability for damage to accommodation per party. The cancellation and curtailment and medical repatriation & other expenses excess is increased to £80 if the claim is due to an existing medical condition.

How will I receive my travel insurance policy documents?

If you purchase your policy online, your Schedule of Insurance and policy documents are available to download from your online account (you can create an account either before or after purchase).

If you purchase your policy over the telephone you can choose to have your documents sent by post or to your online account, whichever is your preference.

Am I covered for COVID-19?

You’re covered for cancelling or cutting your trip short if you fall ill with COVID-19 provided you did not know you had the illness or were not in the process of being tested at the time of booking your trip. You will need supporting documentation such as correspondence and medical records from your doctor or medical practitioner.

- Where eligible, you will be covered for your non-refundable costs providing that you haven’t been able to change your booking or get compensation from your tour operator, accommodation provider, airline, travel agent or other provider.

- You’re covered for Emergency Medical Expenses if you fall ill with COVID-19 whilst on your trip. This includes cover for any reasonable accommodation and/or travelling expenses as well as the cost of any necessary repatriation expenses to the UK.

- This cover is not provided, however, where you have travelled against the advice of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), government or local authority or against medical advice.


What am I not covered for?

- You won’t be covered if you have to cancel or cut your trip short as a result of any travel restrictions such as a national or local lockdown or if the FCDO, government or local authority is advising against all (but essential) travel due to COVID-19 or any other epidemic or pandemic.

- You also won’t be covered where you need to claim for cancelling or cutting your trip short as a result of any need to self-isolate or quarantine.

- Any claims as a result of your airline or travel provider becoming insolvent or having an administrator appointed and being unable to provide agreed services are not covered.

- We won't cover you if you change your mind and decide you do not want to travel.

- You won’t be covered for any costs for COVID-19 tests prior to travelling.


PLEASE NOTE This is a travel insurance policy and not private medical insurance. This means there is no cover for any medical expenses incurred in private medical facilities if we have confirmed that medically capable public facilities are available.

Important Information

Please note that the information below applies to policies purchased from July 2022. For any policies purchased prior to this, you can find all of the relevant information and documents on the Staycationplan archive page.

Emergency Assistance

24-hour medical and repatriation assistance is available by calling AIG Travel on the following phone number.

Tel. 01273 741 001

If anyone named on the policy is more than 25 miles from Home and needs to be hospitalised for at least 48 hours following emergency in-patient treatment, has to return home early, or extend their stay because of any illness or injury, please contact the Emergency Assistance Service.

Claims Notification

In the event of making a claim, please contact the Staycationplan Claims Department.

Telephone: 01273 741 002 (open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday closed Bank Holidays)

Email: and ask for a claim form

Or write to:

StaycationPlan Claims Team
AIG Travel Guard
2-8 Altyre Road

Below is a list of the documents we will need in order to deal with your claim :

  • Your original journey booking invoice(s) and travel documents showing the dates and times of travel.
  • Original receipts and accounts for all expenses you have to pay.
  • Original bills or invoices you are asked to pay.
  • Details of any other insurance you may have that may cover the same loss, such as household or private medical.
  • As much evidence as possible to support your claim.
  • We will pay a maximum of £80 to your GP for medical records/completion of a medical certificate, that have been requested by us.


The documents below are valid to policies purchased from July 2022. For any policies purchased prior to this, you can find all of the relevant information and documents on the Staycationplan archive page.