A Unique Cancellation Insurance Policy

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A Unique Cancellation Insurance Policy

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Do you find it tricky to source a cancellation cover limit high enough for a client’s expensive trip? Top Up My Cover – Cancellation Insurance,(TUMC) is a unique policy to have up your sleeve.

It allows travellers to take out additional cover for that “trip of a lifetime” or special family celebration. Often the cost of such a trip will exceed the typical cancellation limit on a standard travel insurance policy. Cancellation limits can be increased by as much as £20,000 per person or £100,000 per policy.

The real ingenuity of TUMC is in the underwriting. Quite simply, there is none, other than the age of the insured and the amount of cover required above the underlying policy. Then, if the main policy pays a claim, the TUMC policy will too.

So, a simple, flexible way for your clients to get additional cancellation cover so they can travel with confidence.



top up my cancellation insurance

What are the key benefits?


Top Up My Cover Cancellation Insurance is a “top up” to a main travel insurance policy:


  • Top Up My Cover Cancellation allows a maximum ‘top up’ of £20,000 per person.

The overall limit is £100,000 per policy.


  • You can offer Top Up My Cover Cancellation to anyone aged 79 years or under. 

Please note that for clients aged 75-79 the maximum ‘top-up’ cover limit is £15,000 per person.


  • Your client will receive extra cancellation cover, ensuring that the cost of their holiday can be fully covered.

They must have at least £1,000 of cancellation cover per person on their main travel insurance policy.


  • The policy provides cover for any destination your client may wish to visit, for any trip duration. 

As long as they’re venturing to a location covered by their main travel insurance policy.


  • There’s no need for your clients to declare any medical conditions.

No lengthy medical screening process will be required.


  • Top Up My Cover – Cancellation will cover your client for cancellation cover, as long as their main provider does.

Top Up My Cover will only pay after a valid claim has been made on your client’s main travel insurance policy. So it doesn’t matter where they travel, how long they travel for, or if they have medical conditions.


Please note: There is a waiting period of 7 days from the time that this policy is taken out. Anything that could give rise to a claim within this time period will not be covered.


For further details of Top Up My Cover – Cancellation Travel Insurance, read the policy in full here.

Also, if you require cancellation cover for a client above this limit, view the details of an alternative policy – High Value Travel Cancellation Insurance.


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