Free Spirit – Questions & Answers for Brokers Using the PJH B2B Portal

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Free Spirit – Questions & Answers for Brokers Using the PJH B2B Portal

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Free Spirit

Dear Supporting Broker,

Our Free Spirit policy went live on the P J Hayman ‘B2B’ portal in January this year.

To help clarify some of the questions we have received from Brokers since the launch, I have asked the Free Spirit Team Manager, Mary Holt, to respond. She has put together some Q&A’s which are shown below. We hope you find these helpful.


Who is Free Spirit aimed at?

Free Spirit is a specialist travel insurance policy specially designed for people with medical conditions and disabilities. There are no age limits for both Single Trip and Annual Multi-trip policies, so it’s a popular choice with older clients. The flexibility of the product means we can quote for 95% of enquiries. Terminal illnesses can be considered.

How can Brokers obtain a quotation?

Free Spirit is on the P J Hayman ‘B2B’ quote portal. If you need access or logins to this system, please contact the Broker Development Team on 02392 419 050 or email

What is the quote process?

The quote process includes medical screening which is necessary to underwrite the Free Spirit policy. Please ensure you complete the quote and screening from start to finish and obtain all the relevant details including all the client’s medical conditions. Premiums should only be quoted to a client when the quote and medical screening has been completed.

In some cases, the system will generate a ‘referral’ and we will need to contact the client directly to obtain further information. Please therefore ensure contact details are entered into the relevant fields on the B2B system.

If you are not comfortable or confident completing the medical screening, you can refer your client directly to the Free Spirit team on 02392 419 080 so they can complete the process in full. Please quote your Broker Account Reference.

Will the B2B system provide a quote in all cases?

The system can cater for a broad range of medical conditions and we regularly review this to ensure as high a quote rate as possible. In some cases, the medical screening will create a ‘referral’ to underwriters.

The B2B system allows the specialist Free Spirit team to remotely review information entered by the Broker and assess if we can cover a client and at what terms. We may need to contact the client directly to obtain further information, so please ensure contact details are entered into the relevant fields on B2B.

As Brokers we aren’t experts in medical screening. What should we be aware of?

As with all travel insurance policies, there are some exclusions within the Medical Warranty where we are unable to offer any cover. These include:

  • The client must confirm they are fit to travel when applying for a quote
  • The client must not be on any waiting lists of any description
  • Cover is not available if the client has been referred to a specialist for any reason or if they have the knowledge that they need to have any surgery or any in-patient treatment
  • Cover is not available if the client is awaiting tests or investigations or the results of any tests or investigations
  • Cover is not available if the client is aware of any medical condition for which they have not received a confirmed diagnoses from the doctor

Should you have any further questions about medical screening, please contact us on 02392 419 050 or email

If your brokerage writes a reasonable volume of travel insurance and you feel training on Free Spirit would be of value to you, please call me to discuss.

Yours faithfully,


Jon Mainwaring
Broker Development Manager
P J Hayman & Co Ltd
Tel: 02392 419 051
Fax: 02392 419 049

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