Free Spirit’s Important Changes

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Free Spirit’s Important Changes

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We are delighted that from 15th November 2021 Free Spirit returns and continues to provide essential cover for Coronavirus.

Free Spirit’s important changes will give your clients with medical conditions the freedom to travel in time for Christmas and the New Year.

Although travel is becoming an easier and quicker process, our Free Spirit policies continue to include Coronavirus cover, which is underwritten by Chaucer Insurance Company DAC.

With a Free Spirit policy, give your clients the confidence to travel.


What are Free Spirit’s important changes?

Cancellation, found in Section A1 & Curtailment, found in section B3 of the policy.  

Your proportion of irrecoverable costs for:

  • transport charges,
  • loss of accommodation,
  • foreign car hire,
  • pre-paid excursions (limited to £250 Super cover or £500 Super Duper cover) booked before you go on your trip,

that you have paid or agreed to pay that are directly related to your trip which you cannot get back from anyone else in the first instance, or which cannot be transferred or used for another purpose and results in a financial loss due to you being forced to cancel your trip because the following unexpectedly happened before you left home which you would not have been expected to foresee or avoid:

  • you, anyone insured on this policy, or a travelling companion, became ill, were injured or died;
  • you or anyone insured on this policy testing positive for Coronavirus within fourteen (14) days of your trip departure date;
  • you or anyone insured on this policy being admitted to hospital due to testing positive for Coronavirus since you purchased your policy;

Emergency medical & associated expenses

Emergency medical and associated expenses up to £10m (including with symptoms of or testing positive for Coronavirus):

  • Additional travel and accommodation expenses incurred, up to the standard of your original booking, if it is medically necessary for you to stay abroad beyond your scheduled return date. A maximum amount of £2,000 per insured-person applies if you have to extend your trip because you have tested positive for Coronavirus;
  • reasonable additional costs of providing an alternative carer for you during the remainder of your trip where your carer is an insured-person and is unable to care for you due to them suffering bodily injury or illness (including with symptoms of or testing positive for Coronavirus) and/or compulsory quarantine and no other person with whom you are travelling or a close relative is already present and able or competent to become your carer.
  • up to £500 if your domestic dog(s)/cat(s) is/are in a kennel/cattery during your trip and your return to your home has been delayed due to your bodily injury, illness (including with symptoms of or testing positive for Coronavirus) or disease.


free spirits important changes


State hospital benefit, found in section B2 of the policy.

For each insured person this cover will pay as specified in your policy schedule, under your selected cover option:

  1. £30 per 24 hours up to £1,000 Super cover
  2. £50 per 24 hours up to £1,500 Super Duper cover

This is payable if an insured is admitted as a hospital in-patient in a public hospital abroad during the period of the trip. It is in addition to the fees and charges paid under Emergency Medical and Associated Expenses.

We draw your attention to the ‘Conditions & Exclusions Applying to Your Policies’, in particular, this policy will NOT provide cover for any claims directly or indirectly related to a pandemic and/or epidemic, including but not limited to Coronavirus.

Please note: exclusion 20 applies to all sections of cover, whilst exclusion 40 applies to all sections of cover with the exception of Sections A1 – Cancellation, B1 – A. Emergency Medical & Associated Expenses and B3 – Curtailment/Loss of Holiday; provided that you have received the recommended number of doses of an approved Coronavirus vaccine 14 days prior to your trip commencing. This vaccination requirement shall not apply where you are under 40 years of age, or if you are over 40 years of age but were ineligible for vaccination, or unable to receive the vaccine for medical reasons, and this is shown in your medical records. You should also refer to exclusion 14.

Please be aware: There is no cover under this policy if (having no symptoms of Coronavirus and/or not testing positive for Coronavirus) you are advised to quarantine or you choose to self-isolate due to a person you have come into contact with having Coronavirus.


Policy Underwriter

The cover is being underwritten by Chaucer Insurance Company DAC.


For full details download Free Spirit’s important changes PDF, or read the policy in full.


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