How P J Hayman Can Help If Travellers Test Positive For COVID

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How P J Hayman Can Help If Travellers Test Positive For COVID

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When abroad or in the UK if travellers test positive for COVID the consequences can be distressing and logistically challenging.

Firstly, the return trip will be delayed because self-isolating is required. Plus, different countries have different rules that need to be followed. In response, a hotel and tour operator can help travellers comply and find suitable accommodation.

However, it’s the unexpected costs towards sourcing these solutions, which can test the most seasoned traveller and put a strain on finances.

Luckily, our flagship Travel Plus scheme can provide your clients with the cover they need. Our recent appearance in The Telegraph (please note that this links to a website with a paywall) also recommends our Travel Plus Policy:-

‘Will travel insurance cover any isolation costs?

Travellers Test Positive

Most will cover you for medical treatment if you fall ill with Covid while abroad but the cost of accommodation for self-isolation is a different question. The Travel Plus policy from P J Hayman ( covers any extra transport and accommodation (up to a similar standard to your original booking) if it is medically necessary for you to extend your stay after the date you were going to return to your home. With a maximum amount of £2,000 per insured person if you have to extend your trip because you have tested positive for Covid.’



The benefits of taking out a Travel Plus policy

• It includes Coronavirus Cover, which contains cancellation cover, emergency medical treatment, and related expenses.
• There are three levels of cover, including Premier Plus with some of the highest levels of protection available.
• Extended Journey disruption cover is provided for cancellation or additional expenses*.
• End Supplier failure is an additional benefit if a holiday or trip is cancelled due to the financial failure of a travel or accommodation provider*.

*Not available on essential cover.


To view all the benefits of Travel Plus Travel Insurance click here or get an instant quote on


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