An Adventures Policy with COVID Cover

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An Adventures Policy with COVID Cover

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Looking for a high level of cover for adventures – or for people who enjoy amateur sports, manual work, hazardous pursuits, or occupations? Our tailor-made Adventures policy now includes COVID Cover for cancellation, loss of deposit and curtailment.

All of this is on top of the already impressive benefits Adventures can offer.

What are the benefits of an Adventures policy?

  • The policy offers tailor-made cover to meet the needs and requirements of a participant and their chosen adventure! It comes in three parts: A, B, and C from essential cover to additional cover for an ‘independent traveller’.
  • Cover can be provided for over 400 amateur and professional sports and activities. As long as safety guidelines are followed and safety equipment is worn, such as life vests and helmets.
  • When purchased for groups (of 10 people or more), discounts of up to 20% are available.
  • An Adventures policy is suitable for people working abroad and anyone taking an activity holiday.
  • Each cover level comes with 24-hour medical emergency assistance and £50,000 search and rescue costs, following an accident.

Read all the benefits.

Please note that:

Professional sports and activities include all activities which are covered on a non-professional and non-competitive basis unless otherwise stated and shown on the schedule of insurance.

Also, we consider ‘professional’ to be an activity or sport where the insured has either paid for participating in or receiving any element of sponsorship, fees, or prize money, in excess of £500.​

adventures policy covers 400 sports

COVID-19 Cover is included with an Adventures policy

COVID cover is provided when taking out Part B, which can only be taken with part A. Part B includes cover for cancellation, loss of deposit, and curtailment, if it’s necessary and unavoidable, to cancel or cut short a trip because of a *“Positive Test”, for COVID-19 within 14 days of a scheduled departure for a trip or while being on a trip.

*A “Positive Test” means a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test returning a positive result, with subsequent laboratory confirmation of the positive result (the laboratory confirmation may be after the 14 day period referred to in this cover).

Please note: There will be no cover if the insured has refused or not taken up an offer of vaccination for COVID-19 (this means all doses if available and the vaccine requires two or more doses) for any reason other than genuine medical grounds (the genuine medical grounds must be proven to us).


Download all the new documents

Read the Adventures policy 

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If there is an activity not on the list call us on 02392 419 093.

Terms and conditions apply.


The Adventures is available to quote and buy on pjhaymanonline.

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