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Adventure holidays can be plotted across the globe. However, why not plan one on a unique island? Islands are not just idyllic places for relaxation after all. They’re full of unique experiences to discover.

Do you or a client wish to escape the everyday? Plan an adventure holiday on a unique island (or islands!). During your trip, feed your appetite for new experiences by tasting exotic foods. Then look up to see and hear unusual wildlife and languages.

At P J Hayman, we have a tailor-made insurance policy that provides cover for the adventure holidays below – called Adventures. Now covering people up to the age of 75, Adventures covers you for 400+ activities – to include amateur sports, manual work, hazardous pursuits, and some occupations.

Here are some adventure holidays on unique islands that Adventures provides cover for…

Which islands to visit for an adventure holiday

The Dominican Republic

When we imagine Caribbean Island’s we picture aquamarine coastlines and sandy beaches with palm trees. However, the Dominican Republic offers more! Did you know its home to the Caribbean’s highest Peak (Pico Duarte) and largest Lake (Lake Enriquillo)? Both can be observed on foot.

Start your adventure holiday, by trekking through tropical jungles – and up 10,125 feet (3,086.1 metres) – to reach Pico Durarte’s summit for breath taking views. Then to see colourful birdlife visit Lake Enriquillo. Lake Enriquillo is home to native birds, such as the West Indian Whistling- Duck and flamingos. To capture flamingos on camera, book a boat trip to the lake’s sunny island (Isla Cabritos Parque Nacional) in the migration season (April and July).

For more water-based adventures, visit La Caleta Underwater National Park, near Santo Domingo. Go snorkelling to see sunken treasures of the deep and colourful marine life. Head back to The Dominican Republic in winter to watch the many humpback whales who come to mate along the coastline during a boat trip.
Another place where you can watch the wildlife is Botswana in South Africa.

The Islands of the Okavango Delta, Botswana

The Okavango Delta is the biggest inland delta (body of water) on planet earth. From the air you’ll notice its full of lagoons, swamps and 150,000 islands. This makes it the ideal playing ground for “the big five” (lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos, and the rare rhino). Observe them in their natural habitat during safari on the biggest island in Botswana – Chief’s Island.

You can also book safari adventures from Namibia to Victoria Falls. On route you’ll cover many islands across the Okavango Delta – by foot, boat, or canoe. When night falls experience wild camping! Cook up potjie (small pot food) or stir-fries by the fire. Then stop at local cafés for lunch to support the locals who’ll share their cultural traditions and stories with you.

A friendly community of people who may not have heard of are the Guna people from The Guna Yala Islands.

The Guna Yala Islands, Panama, Central America

You can reach the Guna Yala’s Islands for an adventure holiday by taking a 4 by 4 from Panama City or book a sailing boat. Also, known as the San Blas Islands, out of the 365 islands 50 are home to the Guna people. Together, they work to protect their beautiful home and welcome visitors. Meet them while visiting the capital of Guna Yala – El Porvenir by boat! Listen to their unique language, while observing their customs.

Then adopt some of their traditions such as crafting Molas. Molas are textiles crafted with layers of bright fabrics to create patterns/pictures that depict the Guna’s vision of the world.

Why not make your own Molas? Before swimming or snorkelling within the crystal-clear waters off Isla Perro (dog island). When you’re hungry try traditional Panamanian cuisine. This consists of seafood dishes such as Ceviche and Yuca Frita (yuca fries).

Travel Insurance for Adventure Holidays

Do you or a client now wish to start planning an adventure holiday? Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team who’ll provide cover for an adventure holiday. If you plan to go in a group of more than 10 call us direct for an attractive discount.

Travel like never before and P J Hayman will give you the freedom to travel, with confidence.

View the activities an Adventures policy covers.



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