Off Grid Survival Holidays – Travel Trend

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Off Grid Survival Holidays – Travel Trend

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Off grid survival holidays are not new. Yet, the survivalist escape trend grows stronger.

For burnt-out commuters and go-getters, survival holidays fulfil the need to be self-sufficient. Without Alexa, Deliveroo, and Nespresso, going off the grid forces us to fend for ourselves once more. An off-the-grid holiday fits the bill and can be found on an attractive deserted island, lush tropical landscape, or even into the Arctic Circle.

Here are some exciting locations off the grid. Each provides a unique experience with its own set of challenges – far from the realities of home.

An Arctic Survival Expedition

Run by experienced instructors, travellers set out across Swedish Lapland in challenging conditions. They explore icy alien landscapes and camp under dark skies with their intrepid team. Each will Learn and apply hands-on survival skills along the way such as how to dress, fish, cook – even walk – in the Arctic. As a team, they tackle construction of a shelter to withstand -40°C night-time temperatures. The end result is surprisingly cosy; but when the Northern lights are on display, comfort can be put on hold for a little while.

When all safety and survival techniques have been learned, it is time to put them to the test on to a two-day survival scenario. The aim is to get back to safety while negotiating the extreme elements of the wilderness.

If the thought of the Artic Circle gives you chills, look up off grid survival holidays on tropical desert islands.



Desert island survival holidays off-grid

Know someone who’s a fan of Cast Away starring Tom Hanks? Living the life of a castaway on an uninhabited island – within a group – is within their grasp. Picturesque locations for a desert island survival holiday include The Philippines, Tonga, and Panama. Led by world-class survival experts, beginners to advanced outdoorsmen can advance their bushcraft skills. These include how to build a fire, and forage for food before erecting an expedition hammock.

When all skills are shared, it’s time to reconnect with the inner caveman or cavewoman. Across three days, each castaway is given plenty of opportunity to develop their skills. With the odd unforeseen challenge encountered before leaving with the rescue party. Rest is then provided at a top hotel before departing with memories that will last a lifetime.



Corporate survival holidays in the jungle

Weekend breaks and team-building holidays may be growing in popularity. Survivalist team building trips add another level – exposing teams to challenges they wouldn’t encounter at the office. A jungle survival experience for example will bring out excellent leadership, communication, and collaboration skills. In such a wild and unforgiving setting, what other choice is there? These essential skills will be used to battle the wilderness within remote destinations, such as Guyana’s rainforest in South America. Collaborating across the boardroom table back home will be child’s play in comparison!

Accompanied by native mentors and jungle survival instructors, teams learn how to survive in the homes of troops of monkeys, giant anacondas, and jaguars. The training includes how to source fresh water, build shelter, and create heat – without matches. Explorers will learn about the right food to eat in the wild too, and more importantly how to find it.

Like the other trips, following the survival kit list is a must. Securing the best travel insurance is too. If your clients wish to go on a survival holiday, provide them with the correct travel insurance by contacting P J Hayman.



P J Hayman provides cover for survival holidays

We can cover off grid survival holidays provided they’re fully organised, with access to medical facilities or qualified members of the team. Along with the ability to get help when required.

Our Travel Plus policy covers camping with equipment provided by the organisers. However, for extreme outdoor activities that occur during a survival holiday, we’d suggest our Adventures policy. If the holiday isn’t organised, is a solo adventure, or in a remote or hazardous location we would again suggest an Adventures policy – by referral.

Always look at the trip’s itinerary and all activities which may take place. If the cancellation sum is over a policy’s limit, ensure your clients travel with confidence. Arm them with our unique Top Up My Cancellation Insurance policy for their trip of a lifetime.


View the benefits of taking Top Up My Cancellation Insurance and download the policy wording in full.

Find all the features of Adventures and read the policy wording in full.

Read all the benefits of Travel Plus and read the policy wording in full.


For any other questions that adventurers may have contact our friendly and knowledgeable team.

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